Last Frontier Fall

Fall in The last Frontier . . . all too soon . . . all too short.  Time to throw another log in the fireplace; hitch up the snow plow to the 4-wheeler; and wax up the skis as our longest, 19-shades-of-white, season descends upon us.   Causes my ever wandering mind to ponder such esoteric questions as . . .

What season of life’s journey am I in?  Pretty sure it’s not Spring  🙂

Will there be seasons in Heaven?  Skiing?  Cloud surfing?  🙂

Here’s a few harbinger of Fall pics of our shortest, and my favorite, season way up here . . . does that imply I’m about to enter the Fall season of my life?  Who just said, “More like Winter’s end dude!”  🙂

Matanuska pinking hr.


Fall Forest Floor


Sockeye (Red) Salmon


Moon @ pinking hr.

Be Blessed, and . . .



                                                Keep Looking Up,

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