Big is Small

Pasted on my computer is John Muir’s quote, “The mountains are calling and I must go.”  Lygon Stephens professed, “I climb because I love mountains … and I meet God there.” An avalanche took her young soul Home to Him.  Jesus often “… went up into the mountain to apart to pray …”.  There’s an inexplicable,  enigmatic draw mountains possess on souls.  Their untamed, rugged heights simultaneously mesmerize and comfort my soul . . . they’re really BIG!

In this morning’s quiet time I came across this segment in John Ortberg’s book All the Places To Go – How Will You Know? that caused me to envision mountains from a different perspective.

“Jennifer Dean writes,

Think of something big.  A mountain?  A tree?  Get a mental picture of something you call big.  Now, consider that it is made up of tiny, tiny atoms.  Atoms are made up of tinnier neutrons and protons.  Neutrons and protons are made up of elements so small they can’t be seen with the strongest microscope.

No such thing as big.  Everything we call “big” is just a whole lot of “small.”

Small upon small, finally equals big.  There’s is no “big” without lots and lots of small.

Nature as God created it is the image of the invisible Kingdom of Heaven. . . .  In the Kingdom living, small matters.  Small is the key to big.

In God’s kingdom, small is the new big.  In God’s Kingdom, the way up is down, and the way to living is dying.  Mother Teresa used to advise people not to try to great things for God, but to do small things with great love.”

Mountains’ massive magnificence will never cease to amaze me, but these words have consoled me with a renewed, humbling realization that  little ‘ole’, small Freddy is infinitely, importantly big to my incomprehensible, omniscient, omnipotent God who created all the big mountains … Thanks Abba.

Here’s a few recent pics of the BIG mountains that so inspire me.  Be Blessed, and . . .



Keep Looking Up

King Mt. @ pinking hr.

Fall snow in the mts.

Giants in the clouds

Matauska Peak


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