Calm follows Storm

Nestled away in the Great Smoky Mountains witnessing the transition from yesterday’s turbulent, storm fed roaring waters to the peaceful, silent calm of falling snow, I am truly blessed . . .  were that our turbulent world would experience such a peaceful transition.

“He spreads the snow like wool and scatters the frost like ashes”. Ps.146:17


The fiery crash that ended Kobe Bryant’s and the lives of 8 others brought the brevity of life in focus, and evoked a poignant thought . . .  Keep On Believing Eternity awaits.

Young or old . . . rich or poor . . . famous or infamous, today finds each of us another day closer to that unknown moment when we will step across eternity’s threshold.

Where we spend forever hinges on one inescapable, personal choice. My prayer is that Kobe and the other 8 souls chose Jesus, and their families are comforted.

Meditation of the Mind

Turnagain Arm Iced Beauty
Cook Inlet Sunset
Father & Son on Mt. Baldy

Gazing out the window aboard high-speed aluminum tubing my mind began to wander (my standard ADHD mental modus operandi) 😊

From 120 ft. to 35,000+ ft.  . . . 6.8 mph to 500+ mph  . . . we’ve come a long way since  Wilbur and Orville’s 1903 flimsy, daring Kitty Hawk venture to today’s sleek high speed jet liners.

Somewhere below me, over 2 decades ago, Lewis and Clark trekked my over 4,000 miles from Missouri to the Pacific in a just under 2 1/2 years . . . that would have been my bucket list hike!

This past week my son and I some time together exploring the Greatland’s vast, rugged beauty decked out in winter venue. My journey of over 8,000 miles in some 15 hours was made possible by the ingenuity placed in the minds of mankind by our matchless, omniscient Creator . . . and He never even filed for a patent! 😊

 Shrinking speed, distance, time made it possible to escape the everyday routine and soak in the silent splendor of the Last Frontier’ vast splendor . . . the calming, healing meditation of the mind get-away we all need from time to time, and Jesus recommended; “Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while”. (Mark 6:31)

The little cares that worried me, I lost them yesterday, out in the fields with God.

I M Blessed . . . May U B 2

Frozen Beauty

It’s not the thermometer’s -15 reading that takes your breath away, but the indescribable beauty of His Last Frontier’s frozen creationscapes.

Chugach Range
Glenn Highway
Snowy Lane
Knik River Ice Fog
‘Cool’ Raven
Litl’ Bullwinkle

Go . . . Stay . . . Pay

Matanuska Peak Palmer, AK

Here it is, the 3rd day of 2020 and, just like all past new year resolutions made over the past decade +, I haven’t broken the only one I make each year. Remarkable! . . . well not exactly.

My one new year resolution is twofold:

1.      Learn from my mistakes.

2.      Remember the one immutable truism past mistakes have taught me.

I still haven’t mastered not making mistakes . . . who just shouted Amen? . . . and consequently, I’m destined to be a lifelong learner.

The one immutable truism past mistakes (polite terminology for sins) has taught me is stated in Galatians 6:7 . . . my Consequences verse.  Each time I find myself at a decision crossroads along life’s road I pray I’ll remember what often I’ve sadly remembered too late:

Sin will always take you farther than you planned to Go

Sin will always keep you longer than you planned to Stay

Sin will always cost you more than you planned to Pay

May your travels through 2020 be marked by Go . . . Stay . . . Pay decisions that fill your life, and those around you, with peace, joy and love as we all journey towards Home together.

Be Blessed . . . and . . .

Keep Looking Up +

The Reason For The Season

“Jesus, the reason for the season. The roadside sign reminds everyone of the Birthday that changed the world.

In our world with seasons of triumph and tragedy; happy and heartache; merry and miserable, the “reason for the season” is all too quickly forgotten as Merry Christmas fades into Happy New Year, and we’re soon confronted its new seasons’ challenges.

Jesus is not seasonal. He’s alone is eternal. Someday, when our seasonal existence here finally ends, He alone offers the only way out. We can choose to accept, reject, or simply ignore Him, but the fact remains, whatever season of life we’re in . . . Jesus Is The Reason For Every Season.

All His best for very Merry Christmas!

The Christmas Tree

A couple of days ago Ellen and I drove over the mountain to visit Dollywood with another ‘advanced-state-of-maturity’ couple . . . a common retired old duffer activity when they’re not curled up on the couch in the evening watching Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy (I’m talking about the other members of our entourage).

Snapped these pictures of some of the literally hundreds of Christmas trees and other countless decorations and lights of Dollywood‘s incredible festive Christmas displays . . . eye candy on steroids!

Got me to a-thinkin’ about the origin of the Christmas tree. Since the 24 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica no longer adorn my bookshelf (got tired for waiting for Antique Road Show to visit Knoxville), I did some high tech Googleing.

Several Christmas tree legends have been passed down through the centuries. Connections to ancient traditions such as Egyptian and Roman customs, early Christian practices, and Victorian nostalgia exist. However, most scholars point to Germany as being the origin of the Christmas tree (as a bonified kraut I’m inclined to break out in a chorus O Tannebaum!)

One of the earliest stories relating back to Germany is about Saint Boniface. In 722, he encountered some pagans who were about to sacrifice a child at the base of a huge oak tree. He cut down the tree to prevent the sacrifice and a Fir tree grew up at the base of the oak. He then told everyone that this lovely evergreen, with its branches pointing to heaven, was a holy tree – the tree of the Christ child, and a symbol of His promise of eternal life.

In the 1840s and 50s, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert popularized the Christmas tree in England. Prince Albert decorated a tree and ever since that time, the English, because of their love for their Queen, copied her Christmas customs including the Christmas tree and ornaments. An engraving of the Royal Family celebrating Christmas at Windsor was published in 1848 and their German traditions were copied and adapted.

Another story about the origin of the Christmas tree says that late in the Middle Ages, Germans and Scandinavians placed evergreen trees inside their homes or just outside their doors to show their hope that spring would soon come.

Another legend that has not been proved is that Martin Luther is responsible for the origin of the Christmas tree. This story says that one Christmas Eve, about the year 1500, he was walking through the snow-covered woods and was struck by the beauty of the snow glistened trees. Their branches, dusted with snow, shimmered in the moon light. When he got home, he set up a small fir tree and shared the story with his children. He decorated the Christmas tree with small candles, which he lighted in honor of Christ’s birth.

Research into customs of various cultures shows that greenery was often brought into homes at the time of the winter solstice. It symbolized life in the midst of death in many cultures. The Romans were known to deck their homes with evergreens during of Kalends of January 15. Living trees were also brought into homes during the old Germany feast of Yule, which originally was a two month feast beginning in November. The Yule tree was planted in a tub and brought into the home. But there is no evidence that the Christmas tree is a direct descendent of the Yule tree. Evidence does point to the Paradise tree however. This story goes back to the 11th century religious plays. One of the most popular was the Paradise Play. The play depicted the story of the creation of Adam and Eve, their sin, and their banishment from Paradise. The only prop on the stage was the Paradise tree, a fir tree adorned with apples. The play would end with the promise of the coming Savior and His Incarnation. The people had grown so accustomed to the Paradise tree, that they began putting their own Paradise tree up in their homes on December 24.

Legends, hold an unknown mystique that captivates our imaginations. Whatever Christmas Tree legend you may subscribe to, for Christians it reminds us of the birth of Jesus that history has proven was no legend, but fact.

Thirty-three years after the Christ of Christmas chose to exchange heaven’s glory for a stable’s manger, He chose to be the sole ‘decoration’ of unimaginable Love that hung on another tree . . . no legend . . . just an incomparable Christmas gift for you, for me, forever proclaiming . . . “You’re worth dying for” – Jesus.

All the best for a Blessed and Merry Christmas.