Abba’s Art

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference.” With those words, Robert Frost concisely summarized my life.

The less travelled road I chose was rift with enticing rabbit trails which, more often than not, my innate, adventurous spirit couldn’t resist exploringTherein was found my life’s greatest joys and triumphs . . . sorrows and trails.  Such were my yesterdays, now buried in the past.  Today is God’s gift to embrace, explore and enjoy.  Perhaps Amy Carmichael penned it best . . . “Love to live, live to love.” . . . a choice we’re each equally granted every new day to grasp with both hands . . . share freely . . . and live fully.

Wandering through my Creator’s wilderness woodlands, valleys, and mountain cathedrals, I’m blessed to “Love to live…”, wrapped in the wonder of its utter magnificence.  This blog is my admittedly feeble attempt at Amy’s “Live to love…” portion of her life’s credo.  However, my hope remains that perhaps in some creationscape my camera captures; quote read; or story shared, someone may glimpse a “Love to live…” moment of His glory that will brighten their soul.

Be blessed, and . . .



Keep Looking Up

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