Today’s 89-degree record temperature woke Snappy from his long winter slumber. I found him wandering across the road . . . without looking both ways . . . and gave him a lift home.

Snapper soup with a dash of sherry is premium cuisine. We’d already ‘shelled out’ for a turkey to serve at Easter dinner, and Snappy is now enjoying his new digs in our pond . . . what’s on your Easter menu? 😊😊😊

Keep Looking Up . . . His Best is Yet to Come!

5 thoughts on “Snappy

  1. Well, with snow still falling you want have to be careful how you hold snapping turtles for a while 😊 Stay warm brother.


  2. Nice Fred. I’m glad you held him out far enough so he didn’t get your leg…speaking from experience and a ruined pair of pants.
    89?? meet you halfway at 50 degrees and snowing the last 24 hours.
    Have a great Easter.


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