Three Questions

In our sadly divided nation, I strive not to risk sparking gut-level political controversy. However, this picture has haunted my dreams since the horrific, unimaginable tragedy at Nashville Covenant School in Nashville, TN three days ago:

Here’s another picture from that tragic day.  I respectfully ask you consider both pictures, and ask yourself three questions:

  1. Which can/cannot be legislated?
  2. Which is an instrument of love?
  3. Which is irreplaceable?

For the record:

  • I’m a politically registered Independent
  • I served in the United States Marine Corps during Vietnam
  • I support the protect and defend objective of our nation’s 2nd Amendment
  • I respect you, whatever your stance on assault weapon legislation may be

Realistically, the senseless loss of life caused by mass shootings will never be eliminated in our society. However, my prayer remains that each of us will considerately agree to disagree, and together achieve a resolution that in some measure will mitigate, even if just one more incident, the enduring fear, anguish and trauma displayed in this little child’s face.

Thank you

5 thoughts on “Three Questions

  1. I’m with you Fred. Like in so many other issues it’s easy to stand at one end of the spectrum of views and shout that you are right and that everyone should agree with you. If we believe that we are called to love our neighbour that includes the neighbour that we disagree with. Learning to agree to disagree is a first step.


  2. Oh Fred. It’s so incredibly tragic. Thank you for doing such a good job of framing the issue. It seems impossible to me that we haven’t seemed to gain any ground preventing these tragedies. Please God help us!

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  3. This whole world is in a sad state!! So much violence, murders, needless bloodshed, wars & conflicts. The Lord is deeply saddened by it all.
    As it is written….
    “ in the blink of an eye” this world will end.


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