Final Greatland Wander

Looks like we’ll be on a jet headed south for the winter next week. Rather than spend the day going through another box of Kleenex today, I hiked up Castle Mountain to dry my tears 😊. I built a rock cairn on top with a Good Book pocket edition for other solitude seekers.

Here’s a few pics snapped along the trail, and one of my foraging feral friends who showed up to bid me adieu. Like Arnold, I assured him, “I’ll be back!” 😊

Big Calf
Fall’s Farewell

Keep Looking Up . . . His Best is Yet to Come!

Chugach Range Vista
Last Blueberries

Rocky Portal

Good Book Cairn

6 thoughts on “Final Greatland Wander

  1. Seems like I’m caught in an inverse season/age equation Gary . . . seasons are becoming shorter as my years lengthen . The Good News is we’re one day closer to a perfect, ‘season-less’ eternity brother. Praying this finds your daughter in a better ‘season’ as you and your wife continue to trust in Him. Be Blessed!

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  2. Thanks Mamalava. Glad you enjoy His pics and my babbling musings.

    Lord willing, this will be our final snowbird flight south. Next Spring we’re planning to return to the Last Frontier and turn the pages our life’s journal final chapters before He calls us Home to spend Eternity with Him and His . . . but stay tuned . . . unlike Glory, life down here is ever uncertain 😊

    Remember those folks in SW Florida in your prayers for the safety, peace and comfort only His “…beauty for ashes…” wisdom can provide.


  3. Oh, I love the rocky portal picture! Am I right to think that you headed south later last year? Like nearer to the holidays?

    Hope you have safe travels! I know you will be blessed and a blessing wherever you are!


  4. Hanks Mamalava. Lord willing, Ellen and I plan to cease snowbirding and return to the Last Frontier next Spring to turn the pages of our final chapters in our journey here before He calls us to be with Him and His forever in our Home above.
    Be blessed sister.


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