Thanks Dad . . .

Thanks Dad – for adopting me. Back when I was a defiant teenager you rescued me into your family in ‘as-is’ condition . . . without condition. Over the years I regret having so often disappointed you by stubbornly disregarding your patient advice in lieu of doing things my way. I’m ever amazed and grateful that you never once abandoned me . . . I’d have dumped my rebellious self at the nearest police station or orphanage a long time ago.

Thanks Dad – for always disciplining me, not in anger, but with supernatural, patient, tough love . . . I needed it! It allowed me to learn by experiencing the hurtful consequences of my wrong choices. As a father myself now, I realize it hurt you much more than it did me.

Thanks Dad – for my much older, ‘biological’ good brother. Like you, in spite of all the hurt I’ve caused him, he still loves me to death . . . it’s in his DNA . . . I see each time he reaches out to hug and forgive me with nail scared hands.

Thanks Dad – for accepting me into your family . . . always loving me . . . and being there for me 24/7/365 . . . I Love You . . . You’re the best!

Happy Father’s Day!

Your ragamuffin, prodigal son . . . Freddy

PS – I’m headed back towards Home . . . can’t wait to see you and brother.

Rescued – Loved – Adopted

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