Small Wonders

Creation treated me to two small wonders on today’s woods wander.

One, a ‘tree’ delicately inscribed on a fallen leaf. 

The other, lighter than cotton; weigh for weight 5 times stronger than steel; 1,000 times thinner than a human hair; capable of stretching 4 times its length; consisting of 100% sticky protein, it’s manufactured by one of creation’s smallest creatures into intricate designs to capture food . . . spider silk. 

With no blueprint to follow, I watched fascinated as the tiny spider arduously spun its exquisite, geometric web . . . a web of beauty to me . . . a web of death to an unsuspecting insect.

Two small wonders . . . both testifying to an Omnipotent Creator . . . or random evolution? I grieve if you choose the latter.                                +  
Keep Looking Up . . . His best is yet to come!

5 thoughts on “Small Wonders

  1. Hey, I saw this leaf here on our daily walk! If I did not know better, I would think you were walking in Lexington, KY for this! No spider, though. 😊


  2. Your more than welcome Rebecca. We’re surrounded by wonders both large and small each and every day if we take time to put the world’s busy schedule on Pause, and Stop, Look and Listen to enjoy them.

    Keep Looking Up +

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  3. Beautiful photos. I love watching spiders…outside and far from my house. One of my favorite photos was of a spider web covered in dew, sparkling in morning sun. Trapped now in one of the many memory cards tossed in my desk. Yet, your photo brought back the memory and for that I say thank you.


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