Ethereal Mountain Mists

Six thousand feet ft. high among the Great Smoky Mountain cathedrals the immense magnificence of my Father’s canvases serenely consumed my infinitesimal smallness.

                                “O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is Your name in all the earth”. – Psalm 8:9

Klingman’s Dome – Great Smoky Mountains National Park

3 thoughts on “Ethereal Mountain Mists

  1. ‘Abba’ means Daddy, the deeply personal name for God. ‘Art’ refers to the creation masterpieces God paints and I just trip the camera’s shutter to capture and share with others along with some musings, hoping they may inspire and encourage someone to reflect on how blessed and loved we are by Him.
    I’ve published a collection of such along with some 400+ inspirational quotes in Wisdom For Eternity Travelers available on Amazon.
    Be blessed my friend.


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