Shalom!  . . . Hello, may you have peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare, tranquility. Goodbye.

Moving into this home a decade ago, I fastened this all-encompassing, powerful Hebrew word of greeting, hope, encouragement, and parting on the well house from which our life sustaining water is drawn.

Over the past decade, tucked away in Alaska’s wilderness reaches, I’ve been undeservedly blessed to experience Shalom’s sustaining blessings.  Were that Shalom defined today’s world of ever-increasing turmoil.

The tranquil calm reflected on Fish Lake reminded me . . . it’s not the word on the well house roof that has granted these blessings, it His undeserved, gracious “…peace that passes understanding…”.

Shalom!                                  +
Keep Looking Up

Well House
Shalom Reflections

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