All Different

One of the best things (for me, perhaps not you 😊) about sharing pics ramblings with y’all  is your responses. Thank you.

An encouraging comment to yesterday’s ‘Mother Nature’s Tears‘ blessed me, and got me to more ‘leaf musing’.

Every leaf, like us, is a unique creation  . . . no two ever being exactly the same  . . . appearing in a myriad of shapes, sizes and colors from different places and ‘Family Trees’. Come Spring, each bursts from its bud  in pristine newness of life. Soon, exposed to the world, it develops its own vein patterns, color tinges, blemishes and holes before, come Fall, returning to the earth it came from .

What’s unfathomably omniscient to me is that, like us, God created and knows each one. What’s unfathomably reassuring and humbling to me is that, in spite of my vein patterns, color tinges, blemishes and holes , He still loves me enough to someday follow my life’s Fall with a promised forever Spring. Sure grateful He chose not to ‘leaf me alone’ . . . couldn’t resist 😊.

Be Blessed, and ‘leaf’ no blessing unturned.
Keep Looking Up

One thought on “All Different

  1. Thank you! Great pictures and words of affirmation. Pictures that display the magnitude of of our Creator’s handywork are also filled with His peace.


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