4 Cops/4 Words


Covid-19 isn’t nearly as discouraging to me as is the recent racial turmoil our country is experiencing  . . . I’m reluctant to turn on the news anymore.

Our country has never been, will never be perfect, and there will always be an evolving need for improvement in most every area. However, it’s current state is not the “In God We Trust” one our forefathers, as imperfect as they were, envisioned, or I hoped to pass onto to my children.

The good news . . . each day we’re given presents the opportunity and renewed hope for a better day. In that venue I hesitantly share these thoughts regarding a woefully politicized event. This is where my heart is, and if these offend anyone I apologize, praying we can amicably agree to disagree, resting in the humanly unfathomable assurance that ultimately, “…all things work together for good to them that love God…” – Romans:8:28

Four Policemen/Four Words

What four Minneapolis policemen did to George Floyd in arresting him was horribly wrong, inexcusable, and criminal far beyond any crime Mr. Floyd may have committed. Are there racist police? . . .regretfully . . . “Yes”. However, they are not the norm among the countless men and women in blue who bravely put themselves at risk  each and every day protecting and serving us. These criminal four have been arrested for their horrific crime, will stand trial, and be incarcerated for what they did.

Life has taught me there are usually two sides to a story that personal prejudices often obscure. Controversial black woman Candace Owen’s viewpoint gives pause for thought . . . to elevate a man with an extensive criminal record as a shining example of what others should aspire to is not only a detriment to Black Lives Matter, but to men and women of all colors who rightly insist for needed racial equality.

All men were created equal by our Creator, Who alone is truly ‘colorblind’. Sadly, it’s those with monochromatic black or white ‘color-vision’ who continue to foster division, blinded to the nonviolent, healing unity embracing diversity promotes. Would that all mankind, regardless of color or race could . . .  with honest, genuine authenticity . . . come to respect and treat each other with their Creator’s ‘colorblind’ vision.

Years ago, I read a book that significantly impacted this privileged white man. James McBride is a creative, talented writer, and son of a black father and white mother. His book brought my ‘color-vision’ into clear focus.

Verbally bullied by his peers for his ‘half-breed’ color, James came home in tears after school one day.  Going to his mother he asked, “Mom, what color am I?” The poignant wisdom of her response became the title of his book . . . “Son, in God’s eyes you are The Color of Water”.

Those four heartbreaking words represent racial diversity’s Gold Standard, and my standard regarding those of all colors with whom I’m privileged to share this tragically, racially divided country and world . . .  My prayer is someday it will become this troubled world’s universal, monochromatic healing color.
Keep Looking Up

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