A Single Mother’s Love

Watching Mama and her younguns’ wander through the backyard my thoughts drifted (a perpetual state of mind) back to my childhood. My five younger siblings and I were blessed with a mother whose nurturing, unconditional love set the Gold Standard for 93 years before she left for Home.

So how did a cow moose and her kids trigger such fond childhood memories? Two factors account for this:

  1. I’m kinda’ weird . . . I heard that Amen! 🙂
  2. Aside from the first few years of my childhood, my mother, just like Mrs. Bullwinkle here, raised us as a single mother.

Both Moms faced their own respective survival-of-the-fittest challenges in raising their kids on their own. During their one short year together, Mama B will keep watch for aggressive grizzlies and stalking wolves as she teaches her toddlers how to forage and survive life in the Alaskan wilderness.  My Mom lovingly endured many years of aggressive creditors and the subtle, stalking ridicule of some of society’s more ‘righteous’ as she faithfully raised each of us through this troubled world’s hurdles to adulthood (I’m still working on that 🙂

Seventy-five years from two and two years from eighty, I’ve long since left the Spring of my childhood and entered life’s Winter season. While I’m forever thankful for those along the journey who’ve helped me arrive here, there are two who, without their forever forgiveness, patience and love, I would no longer be here fogging a mirror . . .

Thanks God. . .  Thanks Mom . . . looking forward to seeing you both again someday.

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