Sin’s Subtleness

Sitting here in the hush of early morning talking with Dad and reading is always a well begun is half done start to my day.  ‘Fast Start’ days whose situations subtly rationalize require attention first, inevitably turn out to be bummers.

You’d think by now an ‘ole’ codger like me would know better than to fall for this well used enemy’s lie. However, as His saved by grace, ever-challenging work-in-progress I still occasionally defer to giving Dad a quick check-in before tackling a demanding day . . . Grandma’s words, “Freddy, you’re too soon old and too late smart” hauntingly echo ever true.

This morning I came across these words by an anonymous author that brought to mind the tragic “will always” subtle reality of sin’s demand on our time if we neglect beginning each day talking to Dad about it.

“Sin will always take you farther than you want to go . . .

Will always cost you more than you want to pay . . .

Will always keep you longer than you want to stay.”

There was a time when I had God ‘on retainer’ and told Him could handle my days on my own. Consequently, I drifted farther than I wanted to go . . . paid more than I thought I’d have to pay . . . stayed longer that I thought I’d stay . . . and in the process hurt others more than I ever imagined.  My prayer is you will start each day with Him, “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” – Ephesians 5:16

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