The Ultimate ‘High”

Mt. Le Conte

We live in a troubled world bereft with alcohol, opioids, sensuality, materialism, power, money and other ‘highs’ sought by so many to deaden their pain and problems.  The fleeting ‘highs’ such provide ultimately only exacerbate and grease the slippery decent into hopelessness.

A few days ago John Muir’s well know statement, “The mountains are calling and I must go” called out, and I sought a troubled world relief-respite on ‘high’.  6’500 ft. up in the Great Smoky Mountains, bathed in sunshine’s warmth, the gentle breeze whispered truth . . .

There exists but one good and enduring ‘high’  . . . available to all . . . offering permanent relief from this broken world . . . Free  . . . an authentic “Too Good to be True” eternal Promise displayed from on High 2,000 years ago on a cross by the Author of unfathomable Love.

The paradox . . . it requires the difficult, genuine submission of our pride in exchange to receive. It’s the ‘I’ in the center of prIde and lIfe itself that tragically battles acceptance.

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