Happy 2019 ???

Happy New Year???

Remember giving and receiving that greeting 366 days ago? I do, and am grateful I’m still here fogging a mirror to wish you a Happy 2019 as I enter my 76th year on the planet . . . I know, I’m old!

But, (I’ve learned to dislike that 3-letter word) let’s take an honest look in the rearview mirror . . . how truly ‘Happy’ was your 2018?

Some basic 365 day Life Math will give us the answer. Place each of 2018’s 365 days into one of four categories . . . Happy . . . So-So . . . Bummer . . . Bad.

Let’s start with my favorite (and yours too I bet) . . . ‘Happy’. Perhaps it was a birth, a marriage, a financial windfall, an ailment cured. No question, those days belong in the ‘Happy’ column.

Then there’s those “Can’t complain” days. Put em’ in the ‘So-So’ column.

Do we really have to tally the last two categories? . . . Yep, no cheating allowed.

Remember the day someone unfairly dissed you? . . . You got the flu? . . . You spent 3 hours in a traffic jam? . . . You forgot your wedding anniversary? Place them in the ‘Bummer’ column (although the latter might qualify for the Bad category.)

Onto the least favorite most of us would like to plumb forget . . . The death of a loved one . . . The divorce . . . the ‘sure thing’ investment that headed south-of-the-border and kept going all the way to Antarctica . . . the dreaded diagnosis, “You’ve got cancer.” Each a ‘Bad’ column entry we wish we could erase.

OK, time to tally up the columns . . . how truly ‘Happy’ was your 2018?

Like me, I suspect they’re aren’t 365 days in your ‘Happy’ column, and some of you may have gone through 2018 with a lot more ‘Bummer’/’Bad’ days than ‘Happy’/’So-So’ ones.
So what’s to be done? . . . wish each other a 2019 ‘Happy’ 10 months, 15 weeks, 10 days . . . or just, “Hang in there” with a few futile “It’ll get better” platitudes thrown in?

The problem is we’re using 365 day Life Math to calculate the ‘Happy’ quotient, not Salvation’s Eternity Math where there is “…no more death … sorrow…crying…pain… and God will wipe away every tear away . . . for the former things have passed away.” Revelation 21:4

I want to share with you my 2019 New Year Resolution . . . it’s my heart’s prayer that before locking in your 2019 resolutions you’ll have an one-on-one conversation with your heart and honestly contemplate two things that are for certain:

1. Whether it will be in 2019 or later, none of us will get out of this life alive . . . that’s 365 day Life Math.

2. His Revelation 21:4 promise calculates for everyone . . . the ‘Good’, the ‘Bad’ and the ‘Ugly’ (me) who have genuinely accepted and believe in Him . . . that’s Salvation’s Eternity Math.

Which Math have you chosen? Failure to choose is failure to live . . . forever.

May 2019 be filled with His very best ‘Happy’ days for you and yours . . . the best is yet to come!

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