Whys and Wonders


I grieve watching Herbert’s furious  deluge being unleashed on Texas.  Yet, in the midst of this utter devastation, I’m encouraged by the compassionate beauty of the human spirit rising above the waters as people rally to alleviate the suffering of others.  Why does it take 911s, Katrinas and Harveys to draw out the best in us?  What a utopian world ours would be if we could all live that selfless lifestyle 24/7/365.

Some 4,000+ miles away I watched Him brush another glorious sunset across the Greatland’s heavens.  The tranquil serenity of Nature’s calm portrayed a Wonder I can no more comprehend than Harvey’s Why?  Someday, this world with all it Whys and Wonders will pass away.  I realize how very blessed I am to live in the Wonder of today, knowing that whatever Why may befall tomorrow, I’m secure in my sovereign God Who made me … loves me … saved me … and has already prepared a place for me in a Why-less, Wonder-full, compassionate, selfless, loving eternity awaiting .,.  hope to share it with you someday.  Be Blessed, and . . .



Keep Looking Up

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