You’re never too old to play outside . . . except in a thunderstorm . . . it’s a good time for musing. Such was the case the other day standing on the deck watching raindrops create their concentric ripples on the pond . . . this ‘ole’ dude began musing . . . enough to make you want to stop aging : )​

Each expanding circle represents and individual life, rippling ever outward , , ,

Each circle inevitably intersects other circles . . . other lives . . . which in turn intersect other lives . . . etc., etc., etc.

Eventually, every circle has, directly or indirectly, touched every other circle . . . life . . . with its ripples, before the rings finally fade into oblivion.

The question begs . . . how have the ripples of my life touched others as they now begin to fade ???

Sure glad the storm passed and the sun came back out.

Be Blessed

One thought on “Ripples

  1. LOVE this photo and this post…would love to have it in a frame as a reminder of the ripples of my own life. Thank you for this. Blessings to you and Ellen.


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