Living Color


My wife and I recently enjoyed a day with friends touring magnificent the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. The opulence of the many sculptures, tapestries, carvings and paintings overwhelms the senses. Yet, perhaps my favorite spot is found meandering through the estate’s conservatory . . . this ‘ole’ dude could be content spending the rest of his days amidst this vast greenhouse’s tangible growing splendor. The pulsating purple of this bloom’s beauty was just one of many that captivated my gaze . . .  and got me to ‘a-thinking’ . . .

As one who has never progressed beyond stick figure art, I so appreciate those who God has gifted as artists. With oils, watercolor, tempera and other mediums they compose works that often awe me. Yet, none can compare with those of the Master Artist whose masterpieces are created from truly living colors no earthly artist’s pallet can contain . . .

• the glow of dawn’s early advance • pastel hues as sunset fades into night
• ethereal mists spreading across mountain valleys
• feathered  flashes of forest cardinals and meadow bluebirds
• lightning bolts splitting a storm darkened sky
• a radiant rainbow’s arc signaling storm’s end
• morphing puffs of white clouds traversing an azure blue sky
• a flower’s vibrant blooms

Sooooo . . . the jig’s up . . .  my artistry is 100% plagiarized . . . feeble attempts to capture His incomparable masterpieces on digitized media . . . have camera, will keep clicking : )

Keep Looking Up

2 thoughts on “Living Color

  1. Sorry, not original like yours. This is deceased Elder Weaver’s son-in-law’s email. Ellen would know Bill Weaver and maybe daughter, Gayle, Bob’s wife.



  2. I might be repeating myself: You are a great photographer as well as great writer. What colorful, meaningful prose!



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