New Years Fumbles

Watching tonight’s TV coverage of the Times Square New Year’s Ball Drop’ preparations got me to ‘a thinkin’  . . . isn’t it kinda’ oxymoronic?

‘Dropping the Ball’ is an epic celebratory event at Times Square, but in life it has totally different implications.   Whether it be fumbling a football in the end zone; fumbling a crucial job assignment; or more significantly, fumbling a marriage, there’s no celebration . . . fireworks optional.

Geeeeeezzz . . .what’s with this ‘downer’ New Years note?  Hang on . . . my mind continues to wander : )

We all fumble in life  . . . some of us more than others . . . but we have a Heavenly Father who never fumbles, and Who ultimately recovers all of ours . . . now there’s a reason to celebrate!

From our home to yours . . . HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

One thought on “New Years Fumbles

  1. Hi Fred, Happy New Year to you and it was really nice talking with you. I hope you have a blessed new year and hope to see you on the trail sometime.


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