National Dragonfly Day

Bad News . . .  It’s not quite summer, but the hungry mosquitoes have already arrived

Good News . . . The dragonflies have also arrived, and they’re hungrier! These efficient exterminators can devour hundreds of mosquitoes a day and have a 95% kill rate.

In appreciation, I’m proposing a resolution to declare this National Dragonfly Day. No offense taken if you decide to ‘Buzz Off’ 😊

SMILE! . . . “A cheerful heart is good medicine” – Proverbs 17:22

7 thoughts on “National Dragonfly Day

  1. Very observant Nancy. I never noticed the dragonfly’s rear wing placement. It prompted me to do a little further research, and here’s a 1/2 dozen more light facts for dragonfly aficionados.

    Dragonflies have two sets of wings that can [ ] work independently.

    Dragonflies are both agile and fast fliers, flying between 17 and 38 miles (27 km-61 km) per hour.

    Dragonflies beat their wings about 30 times per second. By comparison, bees beat their wings about 300 times per second.

    Dragonflies will rapidly flap their wings to warm up their bodies. Some dragonflies even use their wings as reflectors, tilting them to direct solar radiation to their bodies.

    If a dragonfly can’t fly, it will starve. They only eat prey they catch while they are flying.

    The flight of the dragonfly is so special that it has inspired engineers who dream of making robots that fly like dragonflies.

    Isn’t evolution amazing? NOT !

    Thanks Nancy


  2. That’s a pretty dragonfly–for an insect! Such a lovely shade of blue. I can get behind Dragonfly Day given the statistics you shared. And thanks to your photograph I noticed for the first time how far back on the body their wings are set–way back by the tail! Looks like that design would make it difficult for them to fly, which is clearly not the case!


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