It was there . . .

The view in life’s rear-view mirror is much clearer than through my front windshield . . . all fogged-up, cracked-up, and mucked-up from wrong-turn crashes. To blame it on my spontaneous, ADHD, pedal-to-the metal, chaotic journey along life’s highway would be a convenient cop-out, but . . . I knew better! As Grandma often chided . . .

Freddy, you’re too soon old and too late smart.”😊

One stop during our recent road trip was an idyllic little Baptist church on the banks of the Delaware River in rural northeastern Damascus, Pennsylvania.

·         It was there we attended church

·         It was there built our first home

·         It was there we raised a young family

·         It was there, one glorious Sunday many years ago, my two younger brothers came to visit, and went to church with me.

Of all the many pastors whose preaching I’ve been privileged sit under over the decades, Pastor Paul has remained my most special. He spent more time on his knees praying for his flock than some spend on their feet. That Sunday his message spoke directly to brothers’ hearts, and …

·         It was there they each found Jesus

Today I e-mailed my brothers these pictures taken of that idyllic little Baptist church, asking “Remember when?”. The inexpressible joy experienced some 50 years ago as I walked with them to the front of that idyllic little Baptist church flooded back in reading their ‘rear-view-mirror’ responses, blessing my soul.

Mark – “Amen! I remember that day. It was Jeff going first that prompted me to go up with him and my life has been changed ever since! All this and Heaven too. Hallelujah, what a Savior, my Rock, peace and comfort ever since. Thank you Jesus!!!

Jeff – “I too remember that day in that little church, the day I was saved. I think about it often and know that was the beginning of the many blessings that God has given me in my life, loving wife, wonderful children, beautiful grandchildren, and loving family. It was so simple, open your heart and soul and ask, so happy I went forward that day.

Thanks Bros . . . Thanks Pastor Paul . . . Thanks Abba . . . Thank You Jesus

Keep Looking Up . . . His Best is Yet to Come!

7 thoughts on “It was there . . .

  1. What a beautiful post, Fred! I love the pictures of this delightful church because it’s far harder to take a picture of an opened heart. The sharing of your brothers’ memories is also precious! Hallelujah!!


  2. Thanks brother. I’m grateful to know that Abba has added you to my “… beauty for ashes …” ‘rear-view mirror’ memories. Be Blessed!


  3. AMEN Brother! A delightful testament and memories that stands the test of eternal time.


  4. To use a different analogy… It’s good to pick up the pieces of life’s jigsaw by looking back and see how they all fit together. My experience is that God gives us all of the pieces – but not all necessarily in the order we expect… and sometimes we see gaps yet to be filled!


  5. Thanks brother. I’m reluctantly getting used to being an ‘old geezer’, and it’s actually not so bad, especially when I remember I’m another day closer to becoming a forever young geezer.

    Be blessed!

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  6. Thank you dear brother for sharing. This brought a tear to my eyes and amen to my soul. I too remember the day that God brought me into His flock some 45 years ago. —-And life began!
    Love you my friend, and thank you once again for your thankful’ ole geezer’ perspective!

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