The Huddle

Gratefully Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin is now beginning to show “promising signs” of recovery since his chilling near death experience suffered during last Monday evening’s Cincinnati Bengals/Buffalo Bills NFL game.

The unhindered unity displayed among the players on both teams blessed me as tears replaced tackles; compassion eliminated competition; and prayer prevailed. May God continue to heal this young man.

2 thoughts on “The Huddle

  1. Amen Nancy! Our “… beauty for ashes…” Lord transformed a desperate situation into a stadium prayer gathering of thousands led by sport celebrities on their knees with tears in their eyes . . . PTL!


  2. I teared up also as I witnessed opposing players embracing one another, players dropping to their knees in prayer, and sports announcers talking about praying for Damar and his family. On the station we watched, one of the commentators actually spoke an extemporaneous prayer on the air! Now, as God has answered our prayers for this young man, may he use this episode to draw people to himself.

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