Never Alone

A 2018 UK survey of loneliness during Christmas revealed that 17% of people felt lonely during this festive time. I suspect it may be even more in our tragically divided nation.

This morning at a men’s breakfast the issue of Christmas loneliness came up. It brought to mind a story I once read regarding the dismal oppression of feeling alone.

American Indians had a unique practice in training their young braves. After they had demonstrated their skills and proficiency through various hunting, fishing and scouting trials, the young brave’s final rite of passage from youth to adulthood arrived.

On the night of a boy’s thirteenth birthday, he was taken deep into the forest. There, he was left to spend the night alone.

Sleep did not come as the young brave imagined each rustle of leaves, twig snap, and muffled sound in the dense darkness could be a stalking, lethal predator. Throughout the night he huddled frightened, anxiously waiting for the dawn to finally appear.

After what seemed like the longest night of his entire life, the first faint rays of morning began to dispel the darkness. Slowly, the young brave began to distinguish bushes, rocks, and the faint path along which he had been led into the forest.

Then, in an instant, his fear vanished!  His heart leaped with joy! Just a few feet away, armed with a bow and an arrow, stood his father behind a tree. He had been there throughout the night watching over his son.

Our Abba Father stands besides us day and night . . . 24/7/365 . . . armed not with a bow and arrow, but with the love and power of His Spirit to protect us from all the lurking dangers of life’s dark forests.

I pray you’re rejoicing surrounded by family and friends this Christmas season. However, if this finds you troubled by loneliness, may you find comfort in knowing your Creator is standing right there besides you. Reach out and take His hand as He whispers . . .

Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” –  Hebrews 13:5

Keep Looking Up . . . His Best is Yet to Come!


5 thoughts on “Never Alone

  1. After reading such an inspirational and truly moving account of the Indian boy’s initiation, even as afforded by his unbenounced fathers protection, I attempted to send this to you via the comment option from your DHowever, I don’t believe this effort was successful so am providing similar legend you may enjoy as well.

    A PARENTS WORST NIGHTMARE …….. Losing a child and having to bury them. A man lost his son and couldn’t bare the thought of living without him. He was suffering and couldn’t believe his son was gone. He cried and cried every day and night, missing his son, wishing things were different. He couldn’t sleep and hadn’t slept in a long time. One night an old medicine man came to him in a dream and told him “Enough!! That’s enough crying!!” The dad told him “I cannot stop, I am never going to see him again!” The old Medicine man said, “Do you want to see him again?” The dad says “yes of course” the old medicine man takes him to the entrance of happy hunting ground where he sees many little beautiful children, so happy and innocent, carrying eagle feathers into the happy hunting grounds, smiling and laughing and just so beautiful. The dad asks “where is my son? Who are these kids?” The old medicine man said “these are the children that are called home early, they are innocent and loved and they go right through to the happy hunting grounds, so happy” the dad says “and my son? Where is he? Why isn’t he with these children?” The old medicine man said, “come this way” and guided him to the side of entrance. A small boy with a beautiful smile was standing there watching all the children enter the happy hunting grounds. He was standing there within reach of an eagle’s feather. His dad grabbed him and hugged him, and the boy kissed his dads’ cheeks and told him he missed him. The dad said “why don’t you have a eagles feather like the other kids? Why are you waiting here at the entrance?” The boy said “I keep trying to get the eagle feather Daddy, but your tears pull it out of reach. I see you are so sad, and I am tied to that feeling so I wait here until you’re ok” the dad burst out crying for the last time, he told his son, “Get that eagle feather and go, I will be ok, and I know you will be too” – Don’t cry too long for that loved one you lost, whether son, daughter, husband, mother or father!! Let them rest in peace, don’t torment your life, because they won’t come back, have faith that you will be together again, and that Creator makes us a beautiful home with all our loved ones when we leave this world.


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