Pal, my childhood German Shepard; Goliath, my massive St. Bernard; Brandy, a gorgeous Golden Retriever; and Lobo, my latest ‘man’s-best-friend’ German Shepard; I’ve enjoyed having a faithful furry buddy by my side. Snow-birding complicates transporting pets, and consequently I’ve been without a canine companion for some time.

Here in the Great Smoky Mountains, Mother Nature has graciously lent me one of hers. Wiley the coyote regularly patrols our property. He’s maintenance free! . . . no vet visits – licenses – flea collars – or Pet-Smart dog food required.

However, he does have a couple significant issues . . . he doesn’t like to be petted, and doesn’t play well other forest denizens . . . he eats them! . . . wonder if he’d enjoy a road runner dog toy? 😊

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