High-Speed Fun

Yesterday was the final day of the season at Alaska Raceway Park. My son is the marketing manager for an Anchorage brewery which sponsors one of the drivers. Grant was responsible for setting up a kiosk at the racetrack and snagged me a pass to join him in the pit.

The passion of the friendly racing culture is contagiously palpable. I thoroughly enjoyed mingling with the pit crew and drivers as a variety of different class race cars roared around the track . . . glad I left my hearing aids at home 😊

Watching drivers skillfully maneuver bumper-to bumper at 100+ mph was the quintessential demonstration of rush-hour traffic as it should be . . . wish I coulda’ got behind the wheel to do a ½ lap before the yellow flag was hoisted and the wrecker and ambulance summoned😊

Here a few pics of pedal-to-the-metal, high-octane fun that was mine to fantasize in, struggling to obey the 55 mph speed limit signs on the drive home😊

Keep Looking Up . . . His Best is Yet to Come!

Grant and Dad
Ready to Rumble

Race On!

Young Pit Crew Dude
Old Pit Crew Dude
18 year-old Champion Driver

Racetrack Rainbow

4 thoughts on “High-Speed Fun

  1. It’s not the years Mamalava, it’s all those miles travelled on unpaved roads 😊. He’s the amazing one who has brought me this far in spite of all the rabbit trails I went down.

    Praying you and yours enjoy a blessed Labor Day together.


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