Thank A Nurse!

Today marks my girlfriend’s 50th anniversary from graduating with her in BS in nursing. Ten years ago she courageously came out of retirement by signing an “I DO”, life -time covenant to attend to this ole duffer for the remainder of his, or her days, whichever comes first  . . . I definitely came out ahead on that contract 😊

Looking at these 33 young, smiling faces (now with more wrinkles 😊) in this 1972 graduation photo  got me to ‘a-thinkin’ . . . how many lives have each of them touched, comforted and healed during their careers?

In today’s chaotic and Covid times first responders are truly the unsung heroines and heroes of our times.  Among them are our nurses, who daily and willingly put themselves in harm’s way to care for us. Over 8 decades of accident-prone living I’ve been the benefactor of their loving administered stitches, splints, bandages, and gluteus maximus injections to care for and cure me from my medical maladies.

Sooooo . . . with absolutely no authority to do so whatsoever . . . I hereby declare June 9th National TAN Day . . . Thank A Nurse! Please take a moment today to thank and encourage a nurse who has treated and cared for you when you were in need of their compassionate expertise.

To all our nurses,for all your dedicated unselfish service to us . . . THANK YOU !!!

PS – If perhaps you lack the contact information for a nurse you’d like to thank, you’re welcome to thank my resident nurse for her challenging, perpetual care for me at . . . I suspect I’m now at risk of having my hide ‘TANned’ for sharing her e-mail addy, but hopefully will escape by taking my nurse out to dinner tonight 😊

Keep Looking Up . . . His best is yet to come!

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