Back in my childhood, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth and TV was technology’s newest marvel, Paul Harvey was an American radio broadcaster famous for his The Rest of the Story segments. Over the years I’ve discovered someone’s story isn’t as always first thought to be.  There’s often an unknown ‘rest of the story’ that significantly changes their story as I had originally perceived it. Unfortunately, rush to judgment before being aware of the ‘rest of the story’ can cause hurt that can only be healed by humbly admitting remorse and asking forgiveness.

This video clip was posted on a blog I follow. It powerfully depicts the wisdom of knowing The Rest of the Story. Although filmed in another country with a foreign language, tears, hugs, smiles and forgiveness know no national or language barriers.

In these divided times may we pause to consider behind each person’s story may exist a ‘rest of the story’ that explains their whole story, and, if we err, may we offer our sincere “I’m Sorry” authenticated by 3 words . . . “I was wrong”.

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