Swans and Orphans

Trumpeter Swan Flight School finally commenced on Fish Lake today with the cygnets observing their parents demonstrate Avionics 101.

A lone Trumpeter Swan cygnet, slightly larger than our two resident cygnets, mysteriously appeared on the lake. I can only surmise this little orphan was somehow left behind by its parents I never saw. The little dude/dudette ??? attempted to join our two local cygnets but was fiercely honked away by their territorial Trumpeter parents.

In past years small flocks of swans have landed on the lake for a short layover before resuming their flight south. Hopefully this little Trumpeter I’ve affectionately nicknamed Bigfoot will  be able to resume its journey south before freeze-up.
Keep Looking Up . . . His best is yet to come!

Pre-flight Warmup
Talking with Mom
Papa ‘Trump’
Trumpeter Swan Cygnets
Cygnet on Ice
Icy Waters
Orphaned ‘Bigfoot’

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