Flowers and Fire . . . Smiles and Spirits

Fireweed is named for its ability to rapidly colonize areas burned by fire. The poppy is a symbol of remembrance, and hope for a peaceful future.


Wandering the woods today my thoughts drifted into a muddled ambivalence. Past fires have regretfully scorched areas of my life … yet . . . I’m forever grateful having been mercifully spared, anticipating a forever peaceful future.

Flowers produce smiles, and smiles lift spirits. Native fireweed and poppy blooms lifted mine today.

“... I am going to prepare s place for you …” – John 14:2
Keep Looking Up . . . His best is yet to come!

5 thoughts on “Flowers and Fire . . . Smiles and Spirits

  1. Although not regarded necessarily as a Christian hymn, Bette Midler’s song The Rose has always encouraged me to have the patience to wait out life’s storms, resting in His assurance they too shall pass … hold on sister, every cloud runs out of rain.

    Keep Looking Up +


  2. Ooh, thanks! I’m kind of in a fire right now and it is so nice to be reminded about the flowers that are bound to bloom in time.


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