Single Moms

A couple of single moms with their kids have taken up residence here along with their kids in exchange for shrub pruning and weed control . . . a Win-Win situation 😊

Mama and twins
Single Mom and Jr.
Wake up Mom – It’s Lunchtime
Family Walk-By

2 thoughts on “Single Moms

  1. That is amazing! I have a blue jay in my backyard sometimes, but that’s about as exciting as the nature gets out my window. Lol! On the other hand, I have toddlers, teenagers and young adults inside my house… and the entertainment, although often very rowdy, is never lacking! Enjoy your day and thank you for sharing ABBA’s art!


    1. Somehow single mom moose seem slightly more appealing than handling toddlers and teenagers at my ‘advanced state of maturity’ 😊

      Be blessed in your T&T management. Looking back, it’s well worth the hassles before they all too soon transition into becoming ‘responsible’ adults … hopefully 😊

      Keep Looking Up +

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