Single Moms

A couple of single moms with their kids have taken up residence here along with their kids in exchange for shrub pruning and weed control . . . a Win-Win situation 😊

Mama and twins
Single Mom and Jr.
Wake up Mom – It’s Lunchtime
Family Walk-By

2 thoughts on “Single Moms

  1. Somehow single mom moose seem slightly more appealing than handling toddlers and teenagers at my ‘advanced state of maturity’ 😊

    Be blessed in your T&T management. Looking back, it’s well worth the hassles before they all too soon transition into becoming ‘responsible’ adults … hopefully 😊

    Keep Looking Up +

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  2. That is amazing! I have a blue jay in my backyard sometimes, but that’s about as exciting as the nature gets out my window. Lol! On the other hand, I have toddlers, teenagers and young adults inside my house… and the entertainment, although often very rowdy, is never lacking! Enjoy your day and thank you for sharing ABBA’s art!


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