Calm before the Storm

Talkeetna Mountains – Chickaloon, Alaska

Were that life could be a continual mountaintop experience.  Reality is most is lived in the valleys where its been said you’re either in the midst of a storm, coming out of one, or one lies ahead on your journey.

But take heart . . . just as rainbows appear after the storm, each storm cloud will run out of rain, and calm will follow the fury.

He calms the storm, so that its waves are still”. -Psalm 107:29
Be Blessed and . . .
Keep Looking Up . . . His best is yet to come!

3 thoughts on “Calm before the Storm

  1. Amen Gary. Paddling calm waters is a joy, but we need to be aware class 5 5 rapids may lie just beyond and keep the safety of His shore in sight.
    Paddle on brother! The forever calm awaits.


  2. Life is a lot like paddling a canoe on a trip. I love those calm times but they can lure one far from shores safety. An apt title and love the picture


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