My Last Frontier Backyard

People often ask, “Why do you love Alaska so much? . . . here’s a few pics taken in my backyard today . . . any further questions? 😊

                        “The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork“. -Psalm 19:1

I M Blessed . . . May U B 2
Keep Looking Up . . . His best is yet to come!

Pioneer Peak
Chugach Range Snowcaps
Wild and Free

5 thoughts on “My Last Frontier Backyard

  1. Enjoy! Many, many years ago, back when this old man was a young man and the historic Old Man in the Mountain hadn’t yet fallen off the mountain we honeymooned in NH near Mt. Washington. Awesome corner of creation . . . almost as awesome as Alaska 😀
    Safe travels folks

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  2. Contentment is an ever more ràre state in today’s world Rebecca. True, lasting contentment can only be found in an authenically personal, living, loving relationship with God. No wealth, fame or even a magnificent Alaskan backyard can provide that.
    Be blessed!

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  3. We totally understand! It’s like you have a glimpse of Heaven in your backyard! We are traveling with our puppies up to Virginia then North Carolina then New Hampshire to explore and hopefully fine a place to enjoy fall and winter and get out of heat of Florida in summer. White 🏔 mountains in NH are called that because of the white birch trees.

    I told Dave that you and Ellen have the nice balance to enjoy Alaska and Tennessee! Looking up, Dave & Lila

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