New Year Resolution

Hatcher Pass, Alaska

A few years ago, a snowshoe trek found me high up in Alaska’s Talkeetna Range. Huddled against a boulder I watched, in mesmerized awe, as the storm lifted over the distant Chugach Range and the Matanuska Valley far below. The storm’s winds had abated; its fresh snow had mystically transformed jagged rocks into calm contours; the peaceful silence was unspeakably golden.

All storms, be they individual squalls or pandemic plagues, will end. The calm will follow.

“The mountains are calling, and I must go”. My soul echoes John Muir’s passion. As 2020 fades into history, my soul echoes, with ever anticipated passion, to someday roam Eternity’s Ranges when I finally hear . . . “Jesus is calling, and I must go.”

Until then, my 2021 resolution, and for however many years I may yet be blessed to enjoy, will simply be to remember . . . Today will soon be the last of my past days; the first of the rest of my days; and mine to live and share as though it is the very last of my days.

All my best for His best for a Happy New Year!



Keep Looking Up . . . His best is yet to come!

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