Thankful #s

This 2020 Thanksgiving, as rising Covid-19 numbers dominate the headlines, I’m thankful by the numbers for:

Time – I’ve been granted some 28,500 days, 685,000 hours, 40,000,000 minutes to enjoy the undeserved blessings of . . .

Health – some2,800,000,000 healthy heartbeats, and still ticking

Abundance – food, homes, clothing, utilities, transportation, communication, resources, etc. in portion over 91% of those I share this planet with have never known

Nature – 422 National Parks “…from sea to shining sea…”, and a world beyond have been mine to explore and delight in the unfathomable wonders of His creation

Kids – 3 by stork, 3 by plane, each a precious, unique, infinite time capsule entrusted to me but for a moment in time who, despite my failures, will endure by His grace to change the future

Family & Friends – countless . . . each a matchless blessing placed along my life’s journey at the right time and place to help lighten my load . . . Thank You!

United States  – born into the “Land of the Free” in an ever more uncertain, chaotic world where freedom is becoming an ever more uncommon, cherished amenity

Love – “…the greatest of these…”, has been graciously shown and given to me beyond measure in each of the above.

I M Blessed . . . U R 2 . . . Happy Thanksgiving!

Keep Looking Up

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