Snow’s 3 Dialects

Snow talks, and has 3 distinct dialects. Trudging through it above 25 degrees it merely whispers. From 25 down to zero it begins to crunch, the lower the louder. At zero down to -50 it squeaks. Below -50 you begin to squeak, and better get back inside ASAP! 😊

Today I bid farewell to October enjoying a loud ‘crunch’ hike. Following a snow-machine track 3 miles up into the mountains, I eventually broke trail to trudge on to a higher vantage point.

There’s an indescribable, delicate beauty in the silence of a snow laden forest. My trudging ceased . . . I ‘listened’ in awe. Here’s a few pics of my ‘snow talk’ wander, and the exquisite silence I ‘heard’.

Currently the thermometer is registering 5 degrees and headed for zero. Hopefully I’ll be able to ‘squeak’ out another hike tomorrow 😊.

I M Blessed . . . May U B 2

Keep Looking Up

Snow-machine Track
Breaking Trail
Red Mt.
King Mt.

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