Clearing out the Cobwebs

Uncertainty . . . frustration . . . irritation . . . some of 2020’s Covid-19 world’s detrimental strands . Weave in threads of economic, social, and political turmoil, and a cobweb of discouragement threatens to entangle life’s joy.

Albeit, in somewhat of a different venue, when faced with such humanly instigated maladies, the wisest of all men often “…went up on a mountain to pray …” and ‘clear the cobwebs’. Yesterday, cobwebs threatening to cocoon my joy, I took His advice.

Cloudy, cool, drizzly days are ideally tailored for spinning gloomy cobwebs, not hiking mountains. I chose the latter. Lashing my sleeping bag to my pack, I headed up Castle Mountain. In the midst of moose season, it was a tad surprising that no hopeful nimrods were encountered . . . the mountain was mine! . . ‘Alone’! (one of my favorite TV series 😊) . . . but I digress.

Gathering up some firewood, a cheery fire soon warmed my shelter, and spirits. Talking with Dad (one’s never truly ‘Alone’ no matter how high the mountain or deep down the sea), the melancholy cobweb strands began to unravel. I fell asleep to the rustle of leaves, dislodged by the wind, falling to earth.

Soooooo . . . what did Dad and I talk about? My usual . . . “I’m sorry”s; “Help me”s; “Please show me”s. His response? After nearly eight decades, I’ve yet to hear the distinct audible voice of God, even with my hearing aids in  😊. However, I often ‘hear’ His answers in a surreal calming assurance that says “All’s forgiven”; “I’m here”; and “Patience, you’ll see”. Those were His answers, high up on the mountain,  I carried into my dreams last night .

This morning, He sealed last evening’s answers in dawn’s cloud-script . . . His silent calm assurance answers to my prayers, brushed across the sky in ‘Angel Wings’? Another ‘coincidence’? . . . perhaps, but I saw and ‘heard’ otherwise.

I M Blessed . . . May U B 2
Keep Looking Up

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