Meditation of the Mind

Turnagain Arm Iced Beauty
Cook Inlet Sunset
Father & Son on Mt. Baldy

Gazing out the window aboard high-speed aluminum tubing my mind began to wander (my standard ADHD mental modus operandi) 😊

From 120 ft. to 35,000+ ft.  . . . 6.8 mph to 500+ mph  . . . we’ve come a long way since  Wilbur and Orville’s 1903 flimsy, daring Kitty Hawk venture to today’s sleek high speed jet liners.

Somewhere below me, over 2 decades ago, Lewis and Clark trekked my over 4,000 miles from Missouri to the Pacific in a just under 2 1/2 years . . . that would have been my bucket list hike!

This past week my son and I some time together exploring the Greatland’s vast, rugged beauty decked out in winter venue. My journey of over 8,000 miles in some 15 hours was made possible by the ingenuity placed in the minds of mankind by our matchless, omniscient Creator . . . and He never even filed for a patent! 😊

 Shrinking speed, distance, time made it possible to escape the everyday routine and soak in the silent splendor of the Last Frontier’ vast splendor . . . the calming, healing meditation of the mind get-away we all need from time to time, and Jesus recommended; “Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while”. (Mark 6:31)

The little cares that worried me, I lost them yesterday, out in the fields with God.

I M Blessed . . . May U B 2

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