Growing Up Is Overrated

Today was one of those special ‘Life is Good’ days spent reliving a favorite childhood pastime . . . submerged up to my knees building a dam in the stream that flows by our home.

Birds flitting through a sun-dappled forest chirping nest gathering songs; salamanders scurrying away from under overturned boulders; sand imprints revealing a bobcat’s nighttime passage; bright yellow tiger swallowtail butterflies silently gliding through the air; all soothingly serenaded by the music of flowing waters  . . . for a few hours I was once again a carefree, wet, muddy seven year-old at play with Mother Nature . . . septuagenarian therapy at its best!

Life is Good (often) because God is Good (always) . . . and I am Blessed (beyond measure) . . . May U B 2!

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