Denali’s Fall Farewell

Mountain peaks frosted in ‘Termination dust’; ptarmigan and snowshoe hares replacing brown wardrobes with white; Canadian geese ‘V’ formations  above; forest floors carpeted in aspen’s gold below; alpine tundra flecked with brilliant bearberry red . . . all harbingers of The Last Frontier’s all too brief fall surrendering to another all too long winter.

Denali National Park displays fall’s farewell signatures in matchless fashion.  Here’s but a few reminding us that life is best measured not by the number of breaths we take, but those that take our breath away . . .  they left me breathless and blessed.


One thought on “Denali’s Fall Farewell

  1. Yes, breath taking is right. Hopefully, I’ll get to see views like this before I die. If not, I will have the ultimate view from Heaven! Lord willing, Lord willing…


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