Divine Diversity

“Be still and know I am God” (Ps.46:10 ) . This blessed reality is mine each time I leave the frenzied, borderline chaos of our ‘refined civilization’ to wander the forests, mountains and seas amidst the calm solitude of His ‘unrefined creation’. It’s there my soul is at peace as He silently reveals ceaseless wonders buried in the busyness of this world. It’s there my Abba silently whispers the harmonious simplicity of ‘unrefined creation’s diversity.

Sadly, ‘refined civilization’ diversity too often focuses on the ugly, qualifying diverse, in lieu of the marvelous, unhindered, harmony ‘unrefined creation’ declares.

If fauna and flora could speak, can you imagine a mouse asking a moose, “What do you do for a living?”, . . . the swan inquiring of the raven, “Where do you ‘snowbird’ come winter?” . . . the wolf howling “My 401K doubled last year!?”.


Sheltering Wings
Do mushrooms muse “Wish I had the orchid’s color.”, . . . pigmy pines ‘needle’ redwoods, “How’s the weather up there?”. . . coral reefs ponder, “Wonder if the beaches are whiter on the other side of the island?” 😊

Cranberries n' Schrooms
Here’s a few pics from my Abba’s Divine Diversity 101 syllabus file collected during my wilderness wanderings. It’s a tuition-free, continuing education course available to all. Caveat! . . .there is a final exam consisting of a single question, “How have you applied these lessons to bring harmony our ‘refined civilization’?” . . . I’m enrolled in for life 😊

Be Blessed!

Keep Looking Up

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