Freedom's Flag


Happy July 4th! . . . a greeting so many of us will exchange today, but how often do we fully grasp and appreciate the freedom July 4th signifies? . . . a freedom paid for with blood . . . a precious freedom our service men and women continue to pay daily for us to enjoy in a world where freedom is generally denied.

A few days we all rejoiced in the ‘Miracle in the Cave’ as 13 young lives were rescued after 10 days trapped beneath ground. I can only imagine the despair those young souls felt.  Outside, above ground, their parents wailed, paying for their sons’ deliverance from an unchosen grave. Their prayers were answered.

This July 4th I’m thankful for the freedom that is mine as an American . . . but even more so, I’m eternally grateful for the undeserved freedom that is mine because of the ‘Miracle of a Wooden Cross’ where my Savior rose from a chosen grave to rescue this ‘ole’ prodigal once buried and lost in sin’s caverns.

Life greatest certainty is death.  Jesus eliminated that curse with His life to grant me, and each of you who trust Him, the absolute certainty of a forever freedom.

Happy Freedom Day!

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