Determined Nonagenarian

Sharp Mt. on the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway is a 4,000 ft. peak overlooking the Peaks of Otter resort.  As the pics attest, the trail to the top is a fairly steep, 1.5 mile rocky climb, worthy of every grunt and groan to reach the summit and view the 360 degree spectacular panorama of creation.

An equally stunning creation awaited me at the top . . . a 90 year-old woman! Devoid of high-tech footwear, stylish back pack, and classy water bottle, this charming little lady, donned in her era’s attire, totted only a weathered walking stick to conquer the mountain . . . I was blown away!

Granny was accompanied by three much younger (who isn’t when you’re 90?) family members, who confirmed her age and determination to make the trek. When I asked her “Why?”, she flashed me a motherly smile and replied, “Honey, I can see this mountain from my house where I’ve lived all my life.  The last time I hiked it I was 70. It’s time to do it again.”

Of all the many wonders I’ve encountered over the years hiking through creation, this delightful, spy nonagenarian provides the inspiration I need to recall next time I contemplate making excuses for not doing something challenging . . . “It’s time to do it again.” Thanks Granny.

90 yr. old hikerSharp Mt. framedSharp Mt. trailAtop Sharp Mt.Peaks of Otter resort

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