GSMNP Musings & Wanderings

Hiking the Great Smoky Mountain National Park’s trails is to journey back in time, with the soothing rhythm of cascading waters and songs of unseen birds the only sounds punctuating the forest’s tranquil silence.   Century old dwellings beg of myriad of questions about their long past inhabitants, and, standing by a cascading waterfall, my mind envisions native Cherokees who once paused  here as well, thankful for the Creator Who made it all . . .  I am richly blessed!



One thought on “GSMNP Musings & Wanderings

  1. Hi, and thanks for the card you gave us with your blog address. We (David and Neltha Adkins) were with you on the Hidden Places Heritage tour through Cades Cove on Friday. We really enjoyed the trip and your insight. Also, enjoy this blog, your writings and beautiful pictures. Thanks again.


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