Denali Splendor . . . Beyond Words

We’ve all heard, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  Alaska’s Denali National Park pulsating aurora displays, vibrant sunrises, sunsets, and fall color hues brushed across the heavens and landscape add a 1,000X multiplier to that phrase.

Unfortunately, I slumbered through the northern lights show during the latest trip to Denali National Park, but awoke to what was one of the most magnificent sunrises ever witnessed . . . surreal, glowing colors that held me in utter awe.  Gazing out over this indescribably majestic landscape sculpted, painted and fashioned by Him for us to enjoy, I stood in speechless wonder, sensing my infinitesimal smallness and His unfathomable greatness . . . “How great are your works, O Lord.”  

Keep Looking Up




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