A Day Spent On High

His Majesty, my smallness

My son and I took off at sea level yesterday to traverse what the hiking guide aptly described as a “….difficult and strenuous….” trek up Bird Ridge, one of Alaska’s many magnificent mountains. An overcast sky accompanied by steady oceanic breezes kept temps in the ‘balmy’ 50s.

My son’s 23 year old sports model frame ascended with mountain goat agility and speed, soon outdistancing my vintage 73 year old sedan lumbering along like an ‘ole’ grizzly . . . it’s tough getting old 🙂  At 2,500 ft. the steep climb leveled off along the ridgeline just long enough for us (me) to catch our breath before resuming our meandering route through snow patches and boulder fields to the summit at 4,700 ft.

Standing atop a towering mountain in this vast and majestic corner of creation always instills a humbling sense of awe of His incomprehensible greatness, and my infinitesimal smallness. Summiting with my son was a special added blessing.

Eight miles and seven hours later we arrived back at sea level. On a 1-10 scale it was a 15 Day!   My wife informed me I slept real good last night 🙂
Keep Looking Up

Alpine weathered spruce Lupine blooms Alpine Blooms Forget-Me_Not  Alaska State Flower.jpg

Father & Son Summit

Glimpsing Eternity

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