Blessed !

Sunset Redbuds

Been a while since logging a post, so thought it might be time to bring y’all up-to-date with a brief synopsis of ‘holler’ happenings up here on the mountain.   Blessed would succinctly, but all too inadequately, sum it up.

This pic of redbud blossoms is a mere glimpse of the Smoky Mountain splendor that we wake up to each mornin’ . . . Blessed!

We enjoy regular, friendly entertainment encounters with the local natives . . .  bears – turkeys – raccoons – squirrels – owls – etc. . . . Blessed!

Our ‘Everyday’s Saturday’ schedule allows leisurely putzing around roaming the forest; playing in the creek; R&R (Rocking n’ Reading on the deck) ; and, of course, bugging you by writing posts 🙂 . . . Blessed!

Our ‘advanced state of maturity’ still finds us in good health (some may question my mental status 🙂 . . . Blessed!

We’ve connected with a spirit-filled, warm, local church whose vibrant theme is living in a relationship with our Creator 247365 . . . Blessed!

All this and so much more from the boundless love coffers of the One who literally ‘loved us to death’, and whose resurrection we celebrated yesterday . . . Blessed!

I’ll never begin to  fully comprehend it; most certainly don’t deserve it; but can only accept it; totally blown away knowing that this is just the  first day of the rest of eternity with Him . . . BLESSED!  . . . May U B 2



Keep Looking Up




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