Life’s Clock

Glimpsing Eternity '16

I recently purchased a Fitbit.  It tells me the time, how many steps I’ve taken; miles covered; stairs climbed; heart rate; pulse rate; calories burned; hours slept; time exercised . . . amazing little gadget!

However, this technological marvel cannot tell me the answer to a question King David, and I suspect all of us have pondered, “Show me, Lord, my life’s end and the number of my days; let me know how fleeting my life is.” Ps. 139:4 . . . What time it is on my Life’s Clock?  Only God knows . . . but if you want to perform some highly speculative math, here’s a 2-step formula that will tell you the current time on your Life’s Clock:

  1. Current Age/Projected Termination Age = Your Life Factor
  2. Your Life Factor X 24 = Current Time on your Life’s Clock (military time)

Soooo . . . how’s that make you feel?  Probably OK if you’re in your 20s: somewhat sobering if you’re in your 40s; time to consider making a will if you’re in your 60s; What’s the # of local funeral home? if you’ve made it to your 80s 🙂  But . . . and here’s the unequivocal, unalterable BUT on His Clock . . . 20 may well be 80, and terminal today . . . Hmmmm.

Gadzooks Fred, you’re being pretty morbid here.  Ahhhh, but here’s a great, 100%+ guaranteed calculation to lift your spirits . . . just substitute Infinity for the Projected Termination Age in the formula and your Life’s Clock becomes pegged on Eternity.  This eternal lifetime guarantee has been purchased and paid-in-full, and is available FREE to anyone and everyone willing to authentically acknowledge Him as the guarantor of their life.

Too good to be true? . . . best news of all . . . It Is!  Sure has my Fitbit beat 🙂

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