Smoky Mountain Misty Morn’

Strong thunderstorms last evening orchestrated one of my favorite Creation symphonies . . . the soothing staccato of raindrops dancing on a metal roof.

Local forecasts predicted clearing by late morning, nixing a spectacular sunrise photo opt.  However, living in the Great Smoky Mountains for the past eight years has taught me some of her creation-scape schemes, and a ‘Smokin’ idea developed . . .

I suggested that if my wife would arise before daybreak to accompany me up into the mountains to snap some photos, I’d treat her to a scrumptious, fat-dripping, calorie-laden breakfast at Eliviras, a local restaurant renowned for its cuisine . . . Deal! . . . occasionally I can still convince her to go along with one of my irrational ideas . . . after all . . . she did marry me 😄

Light fog transitioned to patches of denser fog on our early morning upward journey. Finally. breaking above the mists, we pulled off at an overlook and I broke out my camera.

Eliviras breakfast was 5***** and plentiful! . . . our to-go box held ½ of her Breakfast Scramble and ½ of my Mountain Man omelet . . . breakfast tomorrow 😊

Was trading some extra shut-eye for a few shutter-snaps worth it? Here’s a few pics . . . you decide.

I have swept away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like the morning mist

Isaiah 44:22

Keep Looking Up . . . His Best is Yet to Come!